Can you bear to look at this cyclist’s legs, 16 stages into the Tour de France?

Poland's Pawel Poljanski, left, with Spain's Daniel Navarro and Switzerland's Michael Albasini during the 17th stage of the Tour de France on July 19.
(Lionel Bonaventure / AFP/Getty Images)

Looking at the photo Polish cyclist Pawel Poljanski posted of his legs and feet on Tuesday, 16 days into the Tour de France, one can’t help but be transfixed.

And amazed.

And horrified.

And impressed.

And perhaps a bit nauseous.

And maybe, in a weird way, envious.

And … well, here, take a look (if you dare):


It’s OK if you need a moment to take it all in. All those veins ready to burst out of his legs. Those sun-drenched knees. Those multicolored feet.

That is one insane photo — and it was taken with five stages still remaining.

Let’s hope Poljanski, who was in 75th place overall after Stage 16, is too tired to use social media by the time the race wraps up on Sunday.

Or maybe we should be hoping to see just what his legs and feet look like at that point.

I really can’t decide.

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