Your chances of getting Wi-Fi on a plane are up to 66%

Chances of getting Wi-Fi and a power outlet on a plane are 45%

The good news for fliers who like to stay connected in the air is that your chances of getting wireless Internet on a U.S.-based airline are now 66%, up from 38% in 2013.

The bad news is that your chances of getting on a flight with Wi-Fi and a power outlet are not as good — only about 45%.

Fliers on U.S.-based airlines are still better off than passengers worldwide, who have only a 24% chance of flying on a plane with Wi-Fi, according to a study by, the travel site that gauges the features and comfort of airline seats.

If you absolutely must have Wi-Fi and a power outlet, RouteHappy’s study says that Burlingame-based Virgin America has wireless Internet and power outlets on 100% of its planes. On the other hand, Southwest Airlines offers Wi-Fi on every plane but no power outlets.

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