Before 'Late Late Show,' Angel City Chorale had L.A.'s skid row

Before serenading Betty White, Angel City Chorale went on a Tour of Hope through L.A.

T Bone Burnett is a fan. So is Craig Ferguson. Now, Betty White is an admirer of the Angel City Chorale, which serenaded her Wednesday night during the final week of Ferguson's "The Late Late Show."

As a surprise for White, Ferguson had the more than 20-year-old Los Angeles choir perform the actress' favorite song, the 1953 holiday tune, "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas." In her sparkly red blazer, White beamed, squealed and slapped her hands on her knees as the choir belted out the song.

White wasn't the only one serenaded by the singers, who were conducted by founder and artistic director Sue Fink. On Dec. 13, Angelenos all over the city were able to see the chorale at its 18th annual Tour of Hope, in which the 90 singers performed at the Catholic Worker Soup Kitchen, downtown's Skid Row Housing Trust and other L.A. locations. Spreading holiday cheer through pop, jazz, classical, world fusion and gospel numbers, they hit five spots in all. Here are a few snapshots from the chorale's tour de force of holiday merriment.

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