It's Shirley Temple week

'Curly Top' and 'Heidi' will screen Sunday.

It's a Shirley Temple-palooza this week. Two of the Mop Top's most popular films — 1935's "Curly Top," in which she introduced "Animal Crackers in My Soup," and 1937's "Heidi" — screen Sunday afternoon at the American Cinematheque's Aero Theater in Santa Monica, which was the Depression-era superstar's hometown. The screenings coincide with the Santa Monica History Museum's "Love, Shirley Temple" exhibition, which continues through June 10. The exhibition, sponsored by the Theriault's auction house, features a wide array of items from Temple's childhood collection, including film costumes, gifts, dolls, toys, signed letters and photos. The double bill will be introduced by Stuart Holbrook of the auction house, which will be displaying Temple memorabilia in the lobby. The auction of Temple's childhood items will take place July 14. For information on the screening go to For information on the exhibition, http://santahttp:www/

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