Beyonce's Met Gala hairstyle was a five-minute, last-minute effort

Beyonce did change her hairstyle on her way to the Met Gala -- but her dress? That's another story

Beyonce was more than a hair late to this year's Met Gala -- and her hair might have contributed to her extremely, ahem, fashionable red carpet arrival.

Seems Bey decided during the elevator ride down from her apartment that her first 'do simply wouldn't do.

"We were in the elevator on the way down, and she looks at me and says, 'Neal, I want to change my hair, will you change my hair?'" Neal Farinah told Us Weekly, revealing that the diva's original hairstyle had been an Asian-inspired chignon, presumably in line with the event's "China Through the Looking Glass" theme.

"And I said, 'Honey, there could be cameras in the elevator.'"

Beyonce plus Met Gala plus elevator was a recipe for disaster last year, but this year no punches were thrown: Beyonce gave Farinah five minutes to transform her, because, he said, she was afraid the chignon looked too "costumey."

"She wanted a high ponytail," he said. "With Beyonce, she looks at herself and she says, 'This isn't right, let's change it.'" 

The "Crazy in Love" singer rocked the red carpet, of course, in a strategically see-through Givenchy gown, with that bold high pony.

And what about the rumor that Queen Bey showed up an hour after the rest of the red-carpet gang because she'd balked at her dress choice at the last minute? Apparently after checking Instagram on the limo ride to the party, seeing what everyone else was wearing and then deciding her red dress wasn't sufficiently sexy? Bunk, her rep told Gossip Cop.

"The dress she wore was always the dress she was going to wear," the rep further explained to Us Weekly, which was actually the outlet that started the rumor.

History has shown that last-minute wardrobe changes don't always end well. And we'd hate to think that the Givenchy was ever an also-ran. But the last-minute hairstyle revision was definitely a win.

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