Chrissy Teigen was trippin' -- on a raw cashew nut

Chrissy Teigen's worst mistake involved purple blobs and a slippery tongue

Chrissy Teigen's big mistake? Clearly it wasn't marrying John Legend, 'cause he's dreamy, but there was this thing with a raw cashew nut a while back ...

Those little suckers can pack a punch.

The supermodel, 28, shared her tale of misery in a new interview with DuJour magazine (which posted her spread online Wednesday, much to Teigen's delight).

The raw cashew in question wasn't a "raw cashew" like those available at the grocery, which are partially processed before they get to market. Teigen ate hers "out of the stem," she said, meaning it likely had traces of urushiol oil from inside the shell that had surrounded it -- an oil that's also found in poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac.

Pro tip: All three of those names start with the word "poison."

"I did it in Brazil and it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life.... You start to hallucinate," Teigen said. "I scooped it out with a butter knife, and I ate it and within 10 minutes I was hallucinating. I was seeing purple blobs."

The 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl and Legend were at dinner with friends when the reaction -- think twitchy eyes and a "slippery" tongue -- hit her. The others kept their evening rolling, but Teigen decided she had to call it a night. Something about losing control of that slippery tongue.

(Teigen didn't say when that Brazil trip happened, but in May 2011 she did tweet about discovering the cashew fruit.)

"So we go home, and I lay on the ground and took all my clothes off and curled in a ball naked. And John was like, 'What ... is going on?' And I'm cackling laughing and throwing up all over the floor and between my legs while sitting on the toilet.

"So yeah, I would never do that again. Just Google: I ate a raw cashew nut. You’ll see."

Sure, it's probably prettier when a supermodel is the one heaving her guts out, but not prettier enough

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