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Jared Leto gets a haircut -- a really big one

Jared Leto's ponytail is gone, as is his facial hair, and the results have been posted to Twitter by David Ayer, who will direct the 2014 Oscar winner in the upcoming movie "Suicide Squad."

Ayer set the stage for the makeover of the man with the man bun on Sunday with an ominous tweet: "Something will happen. Tomorrow."

Early Monday morning, he asked, "Should we?," posting a shot of Leto's ponytail with scissors looming dangerously close.

And then the deed was done ...

Maybe this explains why the "Dallas Buyers Club" actor was posing for so many pictures at the Vanity Fair Oscar party? Maybe he knew his flowing long hair -- which began its journey about three years ago -- wasn't long for this Earth.

In "Suicide Squad," due out in summer 2016, Leto joins the DC Comics universe as the Joker.

Who apparently has short hair.

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