Talk Oscars with The Times' Rebecca Keegan and Glenn Whipp

Talk Oscars with The Times' @ThatRebecca and @glennwhipp today at noon PST

Last night's Oscars had its moments: Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez getting fired up by Patricia Arquette's acceptance speech. Common and John Legend getting everyone in the Dolby Theatre on their feet with their rousing performance of "Glory" from "Selma." And Lady Gaga making the hills come alive.

Los Angeles Times writers Rebecca Keegan and Glenn Whipp will talk about those moments as well as the good, bad and weird highs and lows of the 87th Academy Awards in a live chat today at noon PST.

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Did the Oscars defeat host Neil Patrick Harris? Did the briefcase in the running gag contain the night's funny jokes too? We'll talk about the show, the big wins for "Birdman" and anything else that comes to us as we gradually come into consciousness on this beautiful post-Oscars morning. Join us, won't you?

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