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On-set footage from the 'Twin Peaks' revival looks authentically creepy

A little more than a week after David Lynch’s recent Festival of Disruption at the Ace Hotel in downtown L.A. briefly opened a portal into the director’s twisted universe, Showtime has cracked open the door to his hotly anticipated “Twin Peaks,” revival due next year.

Though barely longer than a minute and a half, the teaser offers its share of tantalizing glimpses of what’s ahead in the series, which ran on ABC from 1990-91 for 30 hour-long episodes that marked some of the most bizarre and bewitching storytelling to air on network television. 

For those who haven’t watched the series (or its movie-length 1992 follow-up, “Fire Walk With Me”), it’s striking how many familiar faces are on board.

There’s Kyle MacLachlan’s besuited Special Agent Dale Cooper, of course, who seems genuinely moved when he gushes about the experience that “there’s nothing I could say to describe it.” But then there’s also Miguel Ferrer’s FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield, a grayer-than-expected Dana Ashbrook as town troublemaker Bobby Briggs and James Marshall as James Hurley, who now looks a bit more like Flea than his James Dean-esque look during the series’ original run.

The teaser also features commentary from series newcomers Amy Shiels, Jim Belushi  and recent Lynch collaborator Chrysta Bell to go along with plenty of lingering, vaguely ominous shots of the treetops, waterfalls and mountaintops that surround Lynch’s town full of secrets. In short, everything to keep a “Twin Peaks” fan excited for what’s ahead.

So, are you?

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