Charlie Sheen will reprise an '80s role for 'The Goldbergs'

Charlie Sheen will do a cameo in a "Ferris Bueller"-themed episode of "The Goldbergs"

Charlie Sheen is going back to one of his most memorable roles. But though there's been a lot of speculation over a possible return to "Two and a Half Men," that's not the one he's looking at. While many people know the role, the character never even had a name.

Sheen will be playing "Boy in the Police Station" from the 1986 comedy classic "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" once again in the '80s-set ABC comedy "The Goldbergs."

In the episode, which will air sometime early in 2015, Goldberg son Barry, played by Troy Gentile, will skip school in an attempt to emulate the one-day hooky odyssey of Ferris in John Hughes' film.

Sheen made a brief appearance near the end of the film when Ferris' sister, Jeanie (Jennifer Grey), was arrested. He played a punk also cooling his heels in the police station who helped Jeanie get over her long-standing resentment of her brother.

The minor role came just before Sheen's big break in Oliver Stone's "Platoon."

The episode will be titled "Barry Goldberg's Day Off."

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