Watch the epic 'Family Feud' fail that confounded Steve Harvey

It’s not every day that a person ends up on a game show with absolutely no idea how the game works, but that’s what appears to have happened on a recent episode of “Family Feud.”

Sheila, of house Patterson, seemed stymied when host Steve Harvey asked her what term people might use to say “mother.” It wasn’t so much that Sheila didn’t have answers, it was just that none of her answers were original.

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On the board were “mom/mommy” and “mama” and Sheila’s teammate Cecilia had just incorrectly guessed “nana,” which is where things really seemed to go off the rails for Team Patterson, devolving into an eight-minute descent into whatever ring of hell includes basic pronunciation misunderstandings.

Sheila guessed “nana” but “nana” has already been guessed. She tried it again, pronouncing it a different way. Steve Harvey looked flummoxed.

Then Sheila moved on to “mommy,” this time an answer that was already on the board. At this point, Harvey looked like he’s being pranked. But Sheila insisted.

It was at this point that Harvey lost it and pleaded his case to the audience, using slightly colorful language before gathering himself and returning to Sheila, telling her that she has one more chance.

Sheila informed Harvey that she would answer "mom," which was already on the board. Harvey mercifully gave the team its third strike and moved on, perhaps wondering what he ever did to deserve such an exchange. 

Probably that Miss Universe thing, actually.

Watch the entire saga unfold below. Warning: video contains some mild profanity.

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