Noteworthy Super Bowl ads: Movie stars and constipation


By the end of the second quarter, Super Bowl 50 is looking like it has the most celebrity-studded array of commercials in recent memory.

Alec Baldwin, Missy Elliot, Jason Schwartzman and Dan Marino partied for Amazon Echo, Ryan Reynolds looked good for Hyandai Elantra, and Steven Tyler screeched for Skittles.

Only Amy Schumer can make the word “caucus” sound dirty as she hits the campaign trail with Seth Rogen for Bud Light.


And is Steve Harvey still dining off his Miss Universe gaffe? The answer in this T-Mobile ad is ... yes.

Even former “NBC Nightly News” anchor Tom Brokaw is getting a piece of the action. He was the voiceover on the spot for Colonial Williamsburg.

Jeff Goldblum is making a bid for most valuable celebrity in Super Bowl 50. He has appeared in three spots. He starred in the spot in the first quarter. He showed up in the second quarter in the trailer for “Independence Day Resurgence” and was the subject of one of the black-and-white portraits used in the Jeep spot.

The second quarter also saw the sneakiest play of the game — not from the Broncos or the Panthers but CBS, which ran a promo that announced that its acclaimed drama “The Good Wife” is now in its “final season.”


But your Super Bowl party likely came to an uncomfortable pause with a black-and-white ad aimed at chronic pain drug users who suffer constipation ( You know it’s going to finish near the bottom of the USA Today Ad Meter. But as that was written, this came in from CreakyJoints a support community for arthritis sufferers that supported the ad: “We hope that patients won’t feel as embarrassed to discuss this condition with their doctors and understand that there are resources available for support, such as our website.”

Now we feel bad.

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