Where to go for great hangover soup and bossam (boiled pork belly) in Koreatown

Where to go for great hangover soup and <i>bossam</i> (boiled pork belly) in Koreatown
The bossam from Jin Mi Oak. (Cecelia Hae-Jin Lee / For The Times)
Name of restaurant: Jin Mi Oak. The name loosely translates to "house that makes delicious/honest food."
What dish represents the restaurant, and why? The bossam is a platter of pork slices that are steamed briefly at your table. The small, pillowy squares of pork are just the right size to pop into your mouth after a brief dip in a bowl of salted baby shrimps. Alternately, place one of the pork slices on a leaf of steamed cabbage with a bit of dwenjang (fermented soybean paste) and a raw slice of garlic. Bring some mints if you're on a date.
Runner Ups: Either the seolleongtang (beef bone soup) or the yukgaejang (spicy shredded beef soup) are good choices. The seolleongtang is affectionately called "hangover" soup in Korean, and for good reason. The milky white broth is a subtly flavored comfort after a festive night of drinking. Be sure to put in generous fistfuls of the chopped scallions and salt for good measure.
For spice lovers, the yukgaejang is a steaming bowl of shredded beef, egg, and onions floating in a gochujang (fermented chile paste) red broth. The beef-rich soup may even cure ailments you didn't know you had.
Theseolleongtang "hangover" soup from Jin Mi Oak.
Theseolleongtang "hangover" soup from Jin Mi Oak. (Cecelia Hae-Jin Lee / For The Times)
Who's at the next table? A small Korean family enjoys a quiet dinner together and a couple walks in with expressions that suggest they've made a mistake. 
Uh-oh… There's no dedicated parking lot, but there are metered spaces nearby. They're only open for dinner, but they close around midnight most nights.
Service: Mrs. Chung, who owns the restaurant with her husband, will make recommendations, bring out extra servings of kimchi and explain to you how to eat your bossam if you look confused.
Info:  3869 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, (213) 736-5770.