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Coffee pop-up alert: Go Get Em Tiger opens in Silver Lake

Go Get Em Tiger finds temporary home while moving to Los Feliz

Over the weekend in Silver Lake, an astronaut appeared on the window of a space that, until very recently, was the home of a restaurant called Lucky Duck.

For a certain segment of the coffee drinking population, seeing that astronaut stirs up the same sense of excitement that an L.A. Kings fan gets when catching sight of Bailey at a game, as this is the same spaceman plastered on the wall at Go Get Em Tiger. That's the shop Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinksi opened in Larchmont Village in 2013 soon after opening G&B Coffee at Grand Central Market.

And that astronaut at Lucky Duck does indeed signal they’ve moved in here, though it’s only temporary: Glanville and Babinski plan to stay for just about four months while they ready a new, very much permanent, Go Get Em Tiger location nearby in Los Feliz.

“It's a great location, and it’s ready to go,” Glanville says, about why the team decided to set up shop, however briefly, at Lucky Duck. Indeed, there are plenty of tables and chairs, and the bar has been repurposed as a lovely coffee counter. You’ll find the same menu of filtered coffee, espresso drinks and hoppy teas here that you’ll find at Go Get Em Tiger on Larchmont. 

And, as this was once a restaurant after all, there will be food, too. The menu will build on the salads, sandwiches, stellar waffles and other offerings already available at their other shop.

Glanville says they’ll also start a “really special weekend brunch service with dishes created to pair with specific coffee and tea drinks very soon.” 

What you’ll see at Lucky Duck may be a preview. “We feel like it's a great chance to try some things out in anticipation of our opening in Los Feliz," Glanville says. That new Los Feliz location is not very far from Lucky Duck; it’ll be next to Bar Covell on Hollywood Boulevard. Ideally, they'll wind down their four-month residency at Lucky Duck just as the new shop is ready to launch. 

“That's the hope,” Glanville says. “But you know how things go." 

Go Get Em Tiger at Lucky Duck is open daily from 7 a.m. to 2  p.m. for now. And, yes, Wi-Fi is on its way.

Go Get Em Tiger pop-up at Lucky Duck, 2630 Hyperion Ave., Silver Lake.

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