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Luis Suarez bottle opener shaped like his mouth pops top with a bite

Luis Suarez bottle openers take his biting meme to the next level
Luis Suarez bottle openers have started popping up on EBay. Will you bite?

FIFA may have suspended Uruguay and Liverpool striker Luis Suarez after he bit Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini during a World Cup game Tuesday, but the Suarez biting memes just keep coming. And now, the soccer star has made his way into the food and beverage world.

Suarez bottle openers started popping up on EBay this week. They're bottle openers that feature Suarez wearing a red jersey, which we're assuming is a Liverpool jersey because Uruguay's colors are blue and white.

His mouth acts as the bottle opener and one of his white soccer cleats is attached to a key chain. In a photo of the product, Suarez is seen with his pearly whites chomping down on a bottle cap. 

At the time of publication there were six listings for the item and the prices ranged from $45 to $1,999. 

Some of the EBay sellers have listed the product as "in production" and say it's "coming soon." We've reached out to some of the sellers and will let you know when we hear back.

According to, a Chinese online shopping site,, also listed the openers for sale.

FIFA's suspension will last nine matches, and Suarez is banned from all soccer-related activity for four months. But if you're a beer drinker with a Suarez opener, you can at least say he's opened a brew or two for you at home. 

We'll see if these openers make their way into fans' hands before Uruguay's knockout round game against Colombia on Saturday. 

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