Russ Parsons: The California Cook

Russ Parsons: The California Cook

  • Stop and smell the ragu

    Sometimes, listening to the pundits and ponderers, I get the feeling that cooking is my duty. It's good for the environment; it's good for my health; it's good for society; it's good for my family; it's good for the small farmers and food producers who depend on my...

  • New Mexico's green chile, the real deal

    No need to travel hundreds of miles east -- they're available in SoCal. But a trip to the Land of Enchantment isn't complete without a chile sampler.

  • 30 days of ripe tomatoes

    Tomatoes are arriving by the bushel now. Here's how to make the most of the harvest.

  • Delicious, easy desserts from summer fruit

    For the non-cook -- or even the out-of-ideas cook -- here are a few luscious dessert ideas starring the luscious fruits of the season.

  • Julie, Julia and me: Now it can be told

    Nora Ephron's 'Julie & Julia' gets the tale just right.