Taco Bell employee called 'racist' by possibly intoxicated woman trying to order French fries

The Daily Meal

A possibly intoxicated woman was videotaped by a fellow customer at a Taco Bell location repeatedly attempting to order French fries. The Mexican-style fast-food chain does not in fact sell french fries in their U.S. locations (although they do in their Canadian ones) - but it appeared that the woman may not have fully understood where she was.

"You're Burger King, you don't sell French fries?" the woman can be seen in the video asking the cashier. The cashier then explains that the customer is in a Taco Bell and asks for her order again. This time, the female customer asks for the employee to read the menu, which the employee refuses to do.

The now incredibly upset woman declares, "This is racism at its f---ing finest."


The nature of the racism she has experienced is unclear. Is it that she hasn't been served fries? That the cashier refuses to read the menu? Or is she referring to her own pretend policy that every fast food restaurant must serve the same fare? Finally, another employee and a customer try to assist the angry woman, but she refuses and decides to leave, saying, "I don't like what happened here."

Here being not a Burger King, but a Taco Bell - where they sell tacos and burritos. Wonder what it's like to have no clue what's on the menu literally anywhere? These are the most popular fast food secret menu items ever.

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