“It’s definitely not helping with the really dry conditions and the gusty winds,” Sukup said, adding that the conditions will probably continue through Friday but that the wind will drop off this weekend.

The Glendora Unified School District canceled classes at La Fetra, Cullen, Goddard, Sandburg, and Sellers schools and urged parents to pick up students, according to the district's website.

Citrus College in Glendora also canceled classes.

Rita Abouchedid awoke to neighbors knocking on her door shortly after 6 a.m. urging her to get out. She quickly drove her three teenage children to their grandparents’ house and then got back in her car and drove back.

Her husband, who built the house in the 1100 block of Kregmont Drive from the ground up 10 years ago, refused to leave.

PHOTOS: Colby fire rages near Glendora

“I thought, ‘I feel like an idiot, driving back up when everyone’s leaving,’” she said. “My husband didn’t want to leave, we couldn’t leave him alone.”

As she stood atop her roof, she said other family and friends had returned to put hoses on the flames as they advanced into her backyard. Palm trees lining her street had started catching fire, and electrical transformers were sparking. The smoke was so thick, “I can’t see,” she said.

“It’s like a dream, it isn’t real,” Abouchedid said.


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