Egged neighbor sues Justin Bieber, alleges racist remark by bodyguard

The neighbor whose house Justin Bieber vandalized with eggs has sued the pop star for assault and emotional distress, alleging the singer threatened his family and spat in his face and that one of Bieber's bodyguards called him a "little Jew boy."

Jeffrey Schwartz and his wife, Suzanne, sued Bieber in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Thursday, alleging that for nine months the pop star harassed his family. The behavior culminated with Bieber leading his friends in an egg attack on the Schwartz's multimillion-dollar home that caused $80,000 in damage.


Bieber pleaded no contest to vandalism and was placed on probation for the offense last year. He paid $80,000 in restitution, his attorney Shawn Holley previously said.

Schwartz, a well-known Web entrepreneur, accuses Bieber of terrorizing their gated Calabasas community with drag racing, loud parties and vile verbal tirades.

Bieber's lawyers did not return messages seeking comment.

In March 2013, Schwartz said he confronted Bieber about driving around the neighborhood at high speeds in a blue Ferrari while children played. With his bodyguards restraining him, Bieber allegedly used an expletive and said he would "kill" Schwartz. Then Schwartz alleges Bieber "maliciously spit in his face." A bodyguard for the star later apologized, the suit stated.

Two months later, Suzanne Schwartz and her young daughter were the subject of "obscenities and threats" by some of Bieber's friends at the entrance to the gated community, the suits alleges.

Shortly after, residents were enjoying a Memorial Day barbecue when another confrontation occurred. After a day of alleged reckless car antics, Schwartz and a friend walked over to Bieber to ask him to stop. At that point, a bodyguard made threats, asking Schwartz, "what are going to do about it, Jew boy?" in an attempt to instigate a physical altercation, the suit says.

Several months later, Bieber and some friends went onto Schwartz's property and threw dozens of eggs at the home in an incident captured on video. The suit alleges that the behavior continued despite the protests of the Schwartz family.

Following the incident, which drew worldwide media attention and led L.A. County sheriff's deputies to raid Bieber's home looking for evidence, the singer moved out of the neighborhood.

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