Anaheim police dog shot during chase undergoes emergency surgery

Bruno, the Anaheim police K-9 shot in the face during a violent encounter with a suspect, underwent emergency surgery late Tuesday in another medical complication for the injured German shepherd.

Bruno was shot in the face March 20 by a suspect in a police chase. The suspect was later shot and killed by police.


The dog was thought to be headed toward a full recovery when he was hurried into surgery to treat a stomach condition at Yorba Regional Animal Hospital around 11 p.m. The procedure lasted nearly two hours.

"This was completely unexpected," said Sgt. Allan Roman, a spokesman for the Anaheim Police Department. "We're really just focusing on his recovery."

The police dog was initially treated for a shattered jaw and damaged lungs following the shooting and underwent additional surgery last week to have a breathing tube removed.

Bruno's handler, Officer R.J. Young, and police sergeant stayed by the canine's side during the latest surgery, said Cheryl Timmons, president for Friends of the Anaheim Police K9 Assn.

Timmons, who was also there during the procedure, said the dog was still on anesthesia when the group left the hospital around 1 a.m.

"Now, it is a wait-and-see. He was doing so good," Timmons said. "He's a strong dog."

Well-wishers have inundated the hospital's and the K9 Assn.'s Facebook pages since last night. Many cheered for Bruno to hang on.

"Praise to the staff for catching that," wrote commenter Susan Vasquez. "We lost our husky to that (gastric bloat), it happened so fast. Prayers for Bruno and his family!"