Arte Moreno and his Angels can't take the heat

The money has been spent, the players are relaxed, but the results aren't forthcoming, and the owner won't talk about it.

CHICAGO — When the Angels got Josh Hamilton following the Dodgers' signing of Zack Greinke, owner Arte Moreno emerged from hiding, took a bow and told everyone:

"Think about how much fun it's going to be. Dodger fans and Angels fans get to argue about whose team is better, who's stronger, who's weaker.… Do you know how much fun it's going to be?"

What a blast …of hot air.

Are you having fun yet?

I began the week talking to Don Mattingly, who felt really good about the Dodgers after three straight losses to the Giants. He told everyone the Dodgers would have a really good homestand.

As I write this Saturday, the Dodgers losing eight in a row, maybe a really good homestand is one victory.

I'd be there for the Dodgers, but I thought the Angels and Mike Scioscia were worse off after opening a six-game trip against a pair of last-place teams with a loss.

So I joined the Angels to find out what's wrong with the team that so many, including Las Vegas bookmakers, picked to win the World Series.

As I made my rounds in the clubhouse Friday, the music was blaring because the Angels were on a one-game winning streak.

They had a hockey game on TV. No one was watching, of course. But everyone was in a fine mood because they weren't home to be booed.

But I wondered, are the players mad because they've played so poorly?

"No, because as competitors we know it's a long season," Albert Pujols said. "But I can see how we've given the fans and the media reason to be mad at us."

Most of the players are great guys, and they have their guaranteed money, so no worries and 120-some games yet to play.

It's good to be a baseball player.

"I can't tell you that there is anything wrong," said Howie Kendrick, and I'd like to see a show of hands from fans who disagree.

Individually, the Angels are obviously competitors; yet collectively there just doesn't seem to be much fight in them.

They lost that when Moreno chose not to keep team leader Torii Hunter.

They have had arguably the best talent in the American League West the past four seasons but are on the their way to missing the playoffs four straight years.

They get knocked down and they don't get up.

They are very much like their owner, and as they say, the fish stinks from the head down.