Dodgers spend as if there's a tomorrow, and this makes him giddy

Glory be, this might be the closest any of us ever get to an unlimited ATM, the Dodgers spending $25.7 million just for the chance to talk about paying even more to Korean starting pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin.

A year ago they signed a Cuban defector to a $42-million contract, and while the Giants keeping winning the World Series, isn't it fun to think the Dodgers might soon be the Yankees of old?

It hasn't even been a year and the Guggenheim owners have spent more than $600 million to acquire better players, and that's how crummy the Dodgers have been in recent years.

Now starting in left field for your Los Angeles Dodgers, Xavier Paul. Those were the days … just one year ago.

But right now the Dodgers are in first place with the league's highest payroll at almost $250 million, including the additional money spent on talking to Ryu.

No other team is above $200 million.

The Dodgers have already taken a giant leap over the luxury-tax threshold; anything spent beyond $178 million is taxed at 17.5%.

Smelling salts, please, for Angry Arte at just the thought.

But no sweat when it comes to the rich folk who now run the star-heavy team; there's every reason to believe the Dodgers are World Series bound.

Or, they really will be known as the Choking Dogs.