Not all celebrities can watch Dodgers games from home

Even some celebrities are unable to watch Dodgers telecasts.

Not even celebrities are immune to the struggle for a deal between Time Warner Cable -- which carries SportsNet LA, the exclusive channel of the Dodgers -- and other TV providers.

Dodgers games have been blacked out on most cable and satellite providers for 14 months. The only change will be Charter, the new owner of TWC, which will begin airing Dodgers games on Tuesday.


When asked at the Dodgers' celebrity softball game if he watched Dodgers games at home, actor and Dodgers fan James Van Der Beek said, "Uh, no.… You know why."

Talk show host Larry King said he was a DirecTV subscriber, but still managed to watch.

"I ordered a special hookup at the house so I can see the Dodgers," King said.

Of course, some celebrities are able to frequent home games so they aren't left in the dark.

"I don't really watch them at home," actor Jaleel White said. "But I get to more games than people know. That's the suite life." And yes, he did appear to mean "suite," not "sweet."