Dodgers closer to adding Hector Olivera after Cuban passes physical

Olivera will now presumably head to Dodgers' complex in Phoenix to prepare for a minor-league stint

And two months later, he’s really a Dodger.

Hector Olivera, the Cuban infielder the Dodgers reportedly signed back on March 26 to a $62.5-million deal, finally got his visa, arrived in Los Angeles and on Tuesday passed his physical, according to sources familiar with the situation.

Those previous concerns over his elbow apparently not so grave, Olivera will now presumably head to the team’s complex in Phoenix to begin final preparation for a minor-league stint.

That will likely prove a short stint too. Teams don’t spend that kind of money on a 30-year-old (corrected) in the hopes he can help them years down the line. The Dodgers, however, are not facing the immediate need for Olivera they were probably anticipating in March.

Olivera is typically referred to as a third baseman, though he’s viewed as a potential second baseman and corner outfielder.

Even with the modest offensive start of Juan Uribe at third, the strong play of Justin Turner and Alex Guerrero have made that position needy. Andre Ethier has played well in right for the injured Yasiel Puig (hamstring) and Enrique Hernandez has looked valuable all over the diamond.

Of course, with their rotation so uncertain, it’s not like they are not in the market for a starting pitcher, so Olivera’s arrival could trigger a domino effect.

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