What every real Dodgers fan needs: The Vin Scully pumpkin stencil

Do you love Vin Scully? No, I mean, do you really love Vin Scully?

Enough to declare it to all your neighbors? Enough to sacrifice any attempt to spook all the little Captain Americas and Hello Kittys that come knocking on Halloween to greet  them with a pumpkin — of Vin Scully smiling back at them?

It can be done! All it takes is a pumpkin, carving tools and your handy-dandy Vin Scully stencil. And get this, the stencil template is free.

The Dodgers are offering four different pumpkin stencils from their website.

Rather just declare your loyalty to the team? There are "Dodgers" in script and the interlocking "LA" symbol available in stencils. Can never get enough Tommy Lasorda? There is a Lasorda edition, which may take a tad more carving since it comes with the LA logo and says "Tommy" in big, block typeface.

The one of Scully is just him holding a microphone, though the LA logo is around its base. And then, of course, you have to light a candle to him.