I then visited Venus and sailed past the sun,

And I galloped through galaxies. Man that was fun.

And on Thursday, I walked through that magical door,

And an earthquake was shaking -- more and then more.

So I tilted and toppled and staggered and stumbled,

And the whole place just rattled and rippled and rumbled.

Returning on Friday, I searched undersea,

I flew with the falcon and buzzed with the bee.

I went down the Grand Canyon while riding a mule,

Through that magical door that's right here at my school.

You want to go too? Well then here is a game.

This magical door has a sign with its name.

And the letters that make up the name of the door,

You will find in this poem if you dare to explore.


Swen Nater

(a teacher's view of children)

Oh radiant, bright and willing girl,

Who seems to never know,

Who will you be, my little girl,