Boys' basketball: Flea loves his Fairfax Lions

Eric Sondheimer
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Flea was in the stands rooting for alma mater Fairfax High as the 20-0 Lions beat Westchester, 54-49

Flea, the co-founder of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, has a courtside seat for Lakers games, but he looked very happy sitting courtside elsewhere on Monday night -- watching and rooting for his alma mater, unbeaten Fairfax High. The Lions improved to 20-0 in defeating Westchester, 54-49.

"Go Lions," the bassist, wearing a gold Fairfax jersey, said before the game.

He knows basketball, and said he knows standout point guard Lindsey Drew from talking to him at a Lakers game.

"He's just a mature kid," Flea said. "He's unselfish. He gets everyone involved. He can score, he can dish. Basketball is a cerebral game. It's a physical game, it's a game of camaraderie, working together, having those telepathic things between the players, and he's really capable of doing that."

Flea said he loved his days at Fairfax, from which he graduated in 1980 and became a musician.

"It was great," he said. "I went to the school right before Reaganomics and before Proposition 13 cut out a lot of funding for the arts program. When I was here, it was amazing. It was kids from all walks of life, from all economic backgrounds, all ethnic backgrounds. It was a great experience. I learned a lot. I found myself as a musician."

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