Football: Los Angeles Coach Eric Scott teaches life lesson

L.A. coach reminds team to not lose its composure

Los Angeles players had seen enough. Late in Saturday night's 21-6 loss to Sierra Canyon in a Division 2-A regional bowl game, penalty flags started flying en masse after the players' frustration level reached a boiling point. One player even picked up a flag and threw it.

The Romans' loss of composure was immediately addressed by Coach Eric Scott after the teams exchanged handshakes.


It was a moment Scott used to teach everyone a life lesson that goes far beyond playing football.

"What you don't ever want to do is lose your cool," Scott told the players.

One player apologized but Scott didn't stop.

His emphasis went well beyond the football game. That's what good coaches do _ use the game to try to teach their players about how to react to situations that come up in every day living.

Kudos to Scott for fulfilling his duties.

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