Why is Michael Norman not playing football for Vista Murrieta?

Eric Sondheimer
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Vista Murrieta is playing Misison Viejo for the West Valley Division football championship on Saturday at Angel Stadium, and the big question is why one of the fastest runners in the state, junior Michael Norman, isn't play football?

Norman, the second-place finisher at the state track and field championship in the 400 and 200, works out in Coach Coley Candaele's weight training class.

"He just smiles and laughs at me," Candaele said. "He says, 'I'm not a football player.'"

Classmates are always asking Norman about playing football.

"I don't know if he'd catch the ball, but he'd scare people," Candaele said.

Candaele isn't complaining. He's also the track coach and can't wait to turn Norman loose in 2015.




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