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Boston's David Ortiz says he's at war with Tampa Bay's David Price

Boston slugger David Ortiz issues a warning to Tampa Bay starter David Price

"It's a war. It's on. Next time he hits me he better bring the gloves."

David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox designated hitter, after Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price hit him with a pitch Friday. Ortiz said he thought the two players had resolved their previous disagreements.

"I only worry what God said and how I'm going to walk and how I'm going to talk and how I'm going to treat my wife. Because you could tell me, 'Oh, Manny did this, did that,' but maybe you, outside, maybe you drink, maybe you use drugs, and that's the same. That's the way I look at it."

Manny Ramirez, explaining the sincerity of his religious conversion, after apologizing for the behavior that prompted the Red Sox to trade him to the Dodgers in 2008.

"I knew I'd always be in the record book if I never batted."

— Herb Washington, the track star signed by former Oakland Athletics owner Charlie Finley as a designated pinch-runner, to the San Francisco Chronicle. Washington stole 29 bases for the World Series champion A's in 1974, but he was memorably picked off by the Dodgers' Mike Marshall in the Series.

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