Letters: At least the fans are fighting mad over Mayweather-Pacquiao bout

Letters: At least the fans are fighting mad over Mayweather-Pacquiao bout
Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao trade blows during their fight in Las Vegas on May 2. (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

Pacquiao-Mayweather, the farce and fleece of the century.

There was more contact in the Clippers-Spurs Game 7 than in this so-called fight. An uber-fit muscular champion was backed up all night by a little old man with one working arm. It should have been ruled no contest.


RIP boxing.

Paul Zimmelman

Marina del Rey


Sooner or later the boxing public is going to recognize that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a boxing genius. Most of his fights aren't spectacular, some might even say boring, but at the end of the evening all he does is win and make tons of money without jeopardizing his health.

Willis Barton

Los Angeles


My cable provider really messed with me Saturday night for the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight.

When it finally came on, all I got was "Dancing With the Stars."

Chris Anderson

Costa Mesa


A few poignant moments from Saturday night:


The stirring rendition of the Mexican national anthem before a fight in Las Vegas between a Philippine national and an American?

The equally stirring rendition of the national anthem by Jamie Foxx (apparently a stray dog could not be found).

And finally, if this was the fight to resuscitate boxing, please let me know when the funeral will be held. I will be there, unless it is $100 to attend.

Ray Moriarity

Henderson, Nev.


Guinness World Records recorded another entry last Saturday for greatest hype and worst performance, when Pacquiao fought Mayweather.

David Radden

Playa del Rey


Ah, countdown to the first Saturday in May. For years, done so eloquently by Bill Christine, the poet laureate of Churchill Downs, and more recently by Bill Dwyre.

At the beginning of the week, there was Dwyre, and a countdown to the high-stakes wagering and the most exiting two minutes in sports. But wait — he wasn't talking about thoroughbreds. Just a couple of jackasses.

John Rotunni



Can we charge $99 to Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather and force them to watch DeAndre Jordan vs. Dwight Howard in an over-hyped free-throw contest?

Jon Hastings

San Luis Obispo

Flat wrong

Apparently New England owner Bob Kraft feels that the cold temperature was the reason for the lower pressure in the Patriots' footballs. He does have a point. Using the ideal gas law from chemistry, in a closed system within a football, if the temperature were to decrease then the pressure would decrease.

Because I do not have any meteorology background, however, someone will need to explain to me why it was so much colder on the Patriots' sideline than the Colts' sideline.

Chris Pisano

Rancho Palos Verdes

Sad notes

I recently went to my first Dodgers game this year. Two things stood out:

1) The organ music was almost nonexistent in favor of pop songs. The organ may be quaint, but it's also part of Dodger Stadium's essence. No one is going to games to hear the same music that's always on the radio.

2) Someone needs to educate the stadium's sound guy that you don't use the bugle cavalry charge when the Dodgers are up 6-0 in the eighth inning. That is reserved for rallies. Are the sports IQ-challenged people who run the Rams' Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis now at Dodger Stadium?

Mark Turner

Sherman Oaks


All the whining and criticism of not being able to see the Dodgers on TV is getting old. If somebody really wants to see a game, they will find a way.

Tony Forman

Van Nuys


In looking over the Dodgers' schedule, I note that TV coverage is always listed as "SNLA" which apparently means "Sorry, No Longer Available."

Bruce Lindsay



It worked last year, so let's try it again. Send Kershaw to Australia for a couple of weeks,

Mark Berglas

Huntington Beach

Not heavenly

Stop writing in your articles that Jered Weaver is the Angels' ace. To be an ace you have to win games and have more velocity on your pitches than a batting practice pitcher.

Terry Johnston

Sunset Beach


Notice to the Angels' TV broadcast sponsors, though my wife and I have regularly watched all their games on TV for years, we are going on strike. Until they stop playing dead for their opponents, we'll watch DVDs from our movie library! With the exception of the brilliant Mike Trout, Arte Moreno's overpaid senior citizen and his minor league supporting cast are boring to watch.

Joe Bonino


Homer bound

Too bad we had to see and hear the names Willie Mays and Alex Rodriguez mentioned together so often in the past few days.

Alex Fernandez


What's Bruin?

I'm happy for Brett Hundley, who can now "learn as much as possible" with "the best coaches" at Green Bay. But as Kurt Warner said, he's "not going to be asked to play for a while," because "there were some technique things that I saw that he needs to clean up."

Hundley now gets to sit on the bench and be educated by watching Aaron Rodgers. All the while wondering what could have been: leading the Bruins to a national championship and winning a Heisman.

Staying for his senior year and playing on a team that has 18 other starters returning not only would have been best for the Bruins, but for Hundley as well. He could have learned by playing, honing his skills while being taught by great coaches, developing into the quarterback that would have allowed him to be drafted significantly higher than 147th overall.

Don Geller



It was nice that UCLA put together a Heisman campaign for their quarterback last fall, an award that goes to the nation's top college player. However, based on the NFL draft results, shouldn't he have come in 147th place in the voting?

Larry Herrera

Redondo Beach

Do they care?

Regarding Eric Sondheimer's column of May 5: How about asking Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash to donate one game payment to the L.A. City coaches, or possibly money from fines contributed to a coaching stipend fund. The absurd sums of money that they received for not playing should engender a slight twinge of conscience.

You know, "the NBA cares."

Ronald Brumel

West Los Angeles

Grid locked

How to relocate an NFL franchise:

1) Hold existing city hostage with the threat to leave.

2) Make overtures to prospective city.

3) Spend tens of millions on feasibility studies for proposed stadium site(s).

4) Make proposals at various cities within the region that are approved unanimously without voter approval.

5) Push for funding though tax-dollar initiatives.

Taxpayers lose, the rich get richer and the fans pay the price. Enjoy your $250 nosebleed seats.

Dale Murray

Avila Beach


If they can get the NFL teams from St. Louis and San Diego to move to Los Angeles and share a field, then sell the naming rights to an American truck manufacturer, we could end up with Dodge RamCharger Stadium.

Rick Vetter




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