Letters: There's something wrong with these rights

Letters: There's something wrong with these rights
Everett Cardona, 2, of Glendora cheers from the stands as the USC football team conducts spring practice at the Coliseum on April 15. (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

I understand USC just sold the naming rights to the Coliseum to United Airlines. Does this mean that if a big school booster wants to see a sold-out game there, I would have to relinquish my seats?

Greg Nersesyan


North Hollywood


Name of UCLA's stadium: "Rose Bowl, America's Stadium."

Name of USC's stadium: "Embarrassment."

United Airlines, really? If it's just about money, why not the Tostitos Coliseum or Tax Slayer Stadium?

USC should not be sharing title billing with anyone, period.

Rob Raban

Huntington Beach


When you have to pay a "mandatory donation," regarding USC season seats at the Coliseum, isn't that akin to having to fork over a ransom?

Cal Teraoka

Huntington Beach

Lottery fever

I'm shocked !! Does anyone really think the NBA wants Lonzo Ball in Philadelphia rather than Los Angeles? Get serious!!


Bob Sands

La Habra


What if the Boston Celtics choose Lonzo Ball just so the Lakers cannot have him?

What if Boston trades him to a team that will not threaten the Celtics' run for a championship?

What if the Celtics draft Ball and then trade him to the Lakers for their second overall pick and a player?

Gary N. Sakata



Dear Lakers: please don't pick Sam Bowie.

Marcelo Barreiro

Manhattan Beach


I have two words for the Eastern Conference executive who anonymously stated that there was no way the Lakers were going to lose their pick: Chris Paul.

Rich Hardt

Long Beach


There's something to be said about a basketball team working hard and finishing the season trying to win games, like Luke Walton did with the Lakers, rather than purposely try to lose them. Had the team tanked like Phoenix did to improve their draft lottery chances, Los Angeles would have had the ping pong balls that the Suns had and would have ended up losing their pick to Philadelphia for the Steve Nash trade debacle. As it turned out, Phoenix got punished, ended up with the fourth pick, and now the Lakers have an opportunity to turn their franchise around.

Bill Lawrence

La Canada


Looks like the Lakers are trying to rebuild by draft choices

In 1970, i got drafted too, into the US Army

Boy, was I in the wrong draft.

Mark Berglas

Huntington Beach

Trout season

When will the Angels give it up and trade Mike Trout? In my opinion, they are a third- or fourth place finisher at best this year in the AL West and the future doesn`t look any better. A trade would improve the team immediately and give them a chance to get into the playoffs in 2017, as well as bring some excitement to Angel Stadium.

Vincent Carollo



There's no real reason to compare the greatness of Derek Jeter to Mike Trout. As a longtime Dodger fan, I've really come to appreciate just how good a player Trout is. But Jeter played for the New York Yankees and he did what great players do who have played for the most recognizable team in baseball history — win championships. Period.

Besides, there's a guy in Washington D.C. who might argue about who is the best player in baseball. That would be Bryce Harper.

Rodney K. Boswell

Thousand Oaks


We can see that without Mike Trout in the lineup the Angels are simply unwatchable. So when his contract expires and he gets away from this mess they call the Angels you can only imagine what will be left. Pujols will be hopping to first base on crutches, the Angels will still be bringing in stiffs to play left field and second base, the catcher will be a AAA reject, and the starting staff will be rolling out guys that were No. 5 starters on other clubs.

Bruce Olson

Lake Arrowhead


So, Dylan Hernandez thinks LaVar Ball won't be a problem should the Lakers draft Lonzo. At the very least LaVar will be a distraction and a train wreck at the most. However the most egregious comment Hernandez made was to imply Mike Trout would be as popular as he is good if he had a father like LaVar.

Get your head out of the L.A. clouds and acquaint yourself with the Angels. Trout is one of the most beloved and well liked players in the MLB. He has a great work ethic, plays hard every day, is positive and gives back to the community. You owe Trout, his parents and his many fans an apology.

Barbara Turner


Dodgers and the DL

First came the pitch count, now we have teams using the 10-day disabled list creatively. So we get to see pitchers every 10 days for maybe five innings and no one under 3.00 ERA other than true athletes like Clayton Kershaw. You would think with that much time off they would be able to throw 130 pitches with a ERA under 1.00.

Bob Martinez



I read the May 16 article by Andy McCullough and Bill Shaikin explaining how Dave Roberts is using the DL to take full advantage of clearing up roster spots for his pitching rotation instead of shuttling position players to triple A. I wonder if Roberts will go one step further by slapping the side of a reliever's head after a bad outing and then putting him on the seven-day concussion list.

Jeff Hershow

Woodland Hills


I am writing in praise of Andy McCullough's daily Dodgers articles. With his knowledge of history and his ability to put words together to produce an interesting story, Andy makes me eager to read about the current Dodgers, good and bad, each morning.

Clifford Evans

Palos Verdes Estates

Bring the rings

The IOC should inform Los Angeles and Paris that the decision on both years will be made by flipping a coin and request both cities' agreement to that process, also telling them that should both cities decline their agreement, the 2024 decision would still be made that way, after which 2028 would be opened for bids to all cities worldwide. The net of this is that both cities probably would agree, which is what the IOC clearly wants and what is probably best for all.

Jack Wishard

Los Angeles

Wrong place

At first glance, having the Canelo Alvarez-Gennady Golovkin fight at Dodger Stadium sounds exciting, until you really think about it. With the exception of ringside seats, which will cost two arms and a leg, why would you want to see it live at Dodger Stadium? From most seats, the fighters will look like ants. Yeah, they'll be up on the big screens, but isn't that what your living room TV was invented for? I'll pass.

Patrick Cervantes

Eagle Rock

What a week

Black Monday? Forget market meltdowns: The Dodgers make Matt Cain look like Cy Young (again) and the hated Boston Celtics make it to the Eastern Conference finals while the Lakers cross their fingers and toes to win a lottery pick. What's wrong with this picture??

Ken Blake



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