Five takeaways from Lakers' loss to the Boston Celtics

Lakers Coach Byron Scott was unhappy Friday in Boston. Promised changes for the Lakers’ lineup Sunday against New Orleans. In honor of that, the five takeaways from their 113-96 loss to Boston is a prediction of which starters will get the boot. In order of likelihood:

1. Wesley Johnson. No points Friday. Five shots, five misses. Too much inconsistency, period. Either Nick Young replaces him straight up or Wayne Ellington replaces him and Kobe Bryant moves to small forward.

2. Carlos Boozer. Another quiet game. Ed Davis lurking in the wings. One big problem with sitting Boozer: Davis can’t shoot outside the paint. At least Boozer stretches defenses a bit.

3. Jeremy Lin. Might be in more trouble if Ronnie Price wasn’t the Lakers’ backup plan. Lin should be safe.

4. Jordan Hill. The Lakers' second-best player? Nah. He'll be in the starting lineup Sunday.

5. Bryant. Please. Benching him would create all sorts of anarchy. As if this season wasn't anarchic enough.