Galaxy, Angels keep their fans the happiest, survey says

The Galaxy and the Angels do the best job of local professional teams in satisfying their fans, according to a survey released Wednesday.

The Lakers ranked third, followed in order by the Ducks, Kings, Clippers, Dodgers and Rams.

The survey, conducted by J.D. Power and Associates, asked more than 9,000 fans to rate their satisfaction in seven categories: seating area and game experience; security and ushers; leaving the game; arriving at the game; food and beverage; ticket purchase; and souvenirs and merchandise.

The Angels ranked highest in satisfaction with ticketing, and the Angels and Ducks tied for the high rank in satisfaction with souvenirs and merchandise. The Galaxy led in all other categories.

The survey did not specifically ask about the importance of a winning team or the affordability of tickets, letting each fan determine how important those factors might be in enjoying a day at the game.

“Whether a team is a perennial champion, a contender or is accumulating draft picks to build for the future, they all need to find ways to get people through the turnstiles," said Greg Truex, senior director of sports Research at J.D. Power.

“The teams at the top of their markets understand what it takes to keep fans coming back for more, as well as recommending the experience to friends and family, regardless of the standings.”

The Rams’ standing as the team that least satisfied fans reflected “the horror stories about finding food and water and a jam-packed concourse at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum” in the team’s homecoming season last year, according to the survey results.

The Dodgers are on pace to lead all North American sports franchises in attendance for the fifth consecutive season, but traffic jams are common entering and exiting a stadium that opened in 1962 and is scarcely served by public transit.

The surveys for the Galaxy and the baseball teams were conducted in June, and for the other sports in February.

How would you rate your experience with the local teams? Please let us know in the comments.

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