World Cup: Biting victim calls Luis Suarez's ban 'very excessive'

FIFA has suspended Uruguay striker Luis Suarez for nine matches and banned him from all soccer-related activity for four months after he was accused of biting Italy defender Georgio Chiellini during a World Cup match.

Swimming against the tidal wave of approval for FIFA's harsh penalty against serial biter Luis Suarez is, of all people, his latest victim.

Giorgio Chiellini, the Italian defender whose shoulder became the latest temptation that Suarez and his teeth could not resist, says the terms of the ban are overly stiff.

The Uruguayan must divorce himself from all things soccer, including 13 matches with his club team Liverpool in the Premier League, for four months.

On his website, Chiellini wrote, "At the moment, my only thoughts are with Luis and his family because they are faced with a very difficult period. . . . I think what [FIFA officials] have proposed is very excessive."

Chiellini might have felt otherwise immediately after Suarez went all Mike Tyson on him. Furious, he pulled his jersey off the affected shoulder and, pointing at it, screamed at the referee, who did not notice the indiscretion.

Uruguay soccer authorities, agreeing with Chiellini, vow to appeal the punishment, although perhaps on flimsy grounds. The federation chief was quoted as saying proof of the bite is inconclusive.