Watch Aaron Hernandez's lawyer bomb with Deflategate joke during trial

Attempt at humor by Aaron Hernandez's attorney during murder trial doesn't go over well

Murder trials aren't funny.

Apparently, Aaron Hernandez's attorney missed the day that topic was discussed in law school.

James Sultan attempted a Deflategate joke while questioning a Massachusetts state trooper Thursday during Hernandez's trial in the death of Odin Lloyd.

Hernandez, a former star New England Patriots tight end, is accused of murder in Lloyd's shooting death back in 2013.

While questioning Sgt. Timothy Dowd about tire tracks at the crime scene, Sultan asked if Dowd if he received training in tire deflation devices. After Dowd said he had, Sultan couldn't resist following up with this zinger:

“Did you ever receive training in football deflation devices?”

According to the Boston Globe, the crack received a single guffaw in the courtroom. Dowd simply answered, "No."

Man, tough crowd.

On top of that, on Friday morning the aspiring comedian was reprimanded by Superior Court Judge Susan Garsh for his ill-advised attempt at humor the previous day. He expressed regret and agreed to lay off the jokes.

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