Anti-Redskins campaign ad takes away Washington logo

New Anti-Redskins ad removes Washington's logo to show a name change won't change the game

The Washington Redskins' Super Bowl campaign was over long ago, but one by the National Congress of American Indians to change the team's logo is still charging ahead.

On Friday, the NCAI released a new ad featuring footage from a 2012 game between Washington and the Minnesota Vikings with the Redskins logo conspicuously removed.

In the 38-second clip, quarterback Robert Griffin III takes off for a 76-yard touchdown run, but as the play goes on it becomes clear that the Redskins logo on his helmet has been wiped away, leaving behind an empty white circle. 

Further along, as the mobile quarterback eventually reaches paydirt, the Redskins logo in the end zone has also been erased before the words "Take it away it's still Washington football" appear on the screen.

The ad appears to have been funded by the group's #ChangetheMascot KickStarter campaign by the group which received $22,286 in financial support from 348 backers in December.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark office revoked the team's trademark protection in June, though that doesn't mean Washington has to change its logo.

Washington owner Dan Snyder has argued the term "Redskins" is actually a sign of respect and honor, and insisted that he has no intention of changing his team's name.

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