Man wanders onto Cleveland Browns practice field hoping for a tryout

Man walks onto the Cleveland Browns' practice field hoping to get a tryout

Who hasn't dreamed of playing in their favorite sport. I often dreamed of closing out a World Series for the Dodgers, striking out the last batter. If only I had the nerve to try what one unidentified man with a dream of playing in the NFL did Tuesday.

The unidentified man, who according to the Associated Press is a former high school player from New Mexico, walked onto the Cleveland Browns' practice field hoping to get a tryout.

He had an equipment bag strapped to his back and was ready to play, but was spotted by security and escorted off the premises. The team believes the man, who appeared to be in his mid-20s, entered the field after walking through the team's indoor field house.

A member of the team's media relations staff said the man told security that he came to Cleveland hoping to get a shot with the NFL team.

Don't the Browns have to give the guy a chance? At least give him a private workout and see if he's any good? It's not like they have a lot of Super Bowl titles to fall back on. This guy may be the key to a championship. Now he will probably wander over to the Cincinnati Bengals camp.

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