Dallas Cowboys' Dez Bryant connected to a 2011 run-in with police

Dez Bryant was involved in 2011 incident in which a woman was dragged from one car to another, report says

Details have surfaced about another run-in with the law involving Dez Bryant, All-Pro receiver for the Dallas Cowboys.

According to a police report obtained by NFL.com, Bryant was involved in a July 2011 incident in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart in Lancaster, Texas, near his home.

The report says police responded to a call that a black female was being dragged from one vehicle to another by a black male. A store security guard told police that when he arrived at the scene, he found a white Mercedes with its door open and a child’s toy on the ground, but no one there.

The security guard told police that a few minutes later, a black Cadillac Escalade with two men inside pulled up and parked next to the Mercedes. Police arrived and questioned the men, who said the woman had asked them to pick up her car. The Mercedes was registered to Bryant.

Then, Bryant pulled into the parking lot with the alleged victim. She told police that she had been in an argument with another man, had gotten into his car with him and left the Mercedes. She said she was not injured or harmed in any way.

Police determined there was no offense and all parties were allowed to leave.

Bryant has a recent history of minor brushes with the authorities, and the latest report comes at a significant time. His rookie contract is about to expire, and the Cowboys are trying to sign him to a long-term deal.

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