Doc Rivers compares DeAndre Jordan to Dennis Rodman

DeAndre Jordan's contributions are appreciated by Clippers teammates

After DeAndre Jordan had 16 rebounds and three blocked shots to go along with his eight points in Wednesday's 114-86 win over the Orlando Magic, Clippers Coach Doc Rivers compared his superstar center to power forward Dennis Rodman, whom he played with for a season.

"He does so many things for us," Rivers said of Jordan. "His pick-setting, his rolling. It's funny, he's such an offensive weapon because he rolls so hard to the basket. Every time he rolls, someone has to take him. He never gets the bucket, but it usually means J.J. [Redick]'s open, Blake [Griffin]'s open. He just does so many little things. Dennis Rodman-ish."

Jordan appreciated the comparison.

"I mean, it's cool," Jordan said. "He was definitely a big, hustle energy guy, played with a lot of heart, a lot of effort. Anything positive I can do for our team."

At the height of his career, Rodman averaged 18.7 rebounds a game in 1991-92. Jordan averaged a career-high 13.6 rebounds last season. But more important, both players, according to Rivers, have helped their team out in ways that aren't measured.

"Dennis didn't score, but he created so many scores, and I think DJ is starting to do the same stuff," Rivers said.

Chris Paul said Jordan doesn't get enough credit for all he does.

"They don't have stats for screens and stuff like that," Paul said. "I don't get open any of those times if DJ doesn't set screens."

The Clippers have argued that Jordan deserves to be Defensive Player of the Year, an award he's never won. He was even passed over for the all-defensive team last season. His contributions, however, are fully recognized somewhere.

"It doesn't go unnoticed amongst our team," Blake Griffin said.

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