Dez Bryant signs five-year, $70-million deal with Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant won't have to worry about showing up to Dallas Cowboys training camp without a long-term contract in his back pocket.

Bryant signed a five-year, $70-million contract that includes $43.5 million guaranteed, according to the Associated Press.

Earlier this week, the All-Pro wide receiver strongly hinted on Twitter that he would skip training camp if the Cowboys didn't offer him a long-term contract instead of the one-year, $12.8-million offer he received under the team's franchise tag.

Bryant, 26, scored a league-best 16 receiving touchdowns last season and tallied 1,320 receiving yards.

Bryant wasn't the only big-name wideout to to receive a new deal.

Demaryius Thomas signed a five-year, $70-million contract with the Denver Broncos that includes $35 million guaranteed, NFL Media reported.

Thomas, 27, finished second in the NFL last season in receiving yards (1,619) for the Broncos.

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