Gloves finally come off for Manny Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach

Manny Pacquiao's trainer wants to check the custom gloves Floyd Mayweather Jr. will wear for the big fight

Freddie Roach, the longtime trainer of Manny Pacquiao, said Thursday he was told he would get a chance to look at the custom-made gloves Floyd Mayweather Jr. is set to wear in Saturday's welterweight title fight.

Roach has complained all week that Mayweather's gloves, hand-made by the Canadian company Grant Boxing, were not in Las Vegas and available for review. Pacquiao selected his 8-ounce gloves, machine-made in Mexico by Cleto Reyes boxing gear, a few days ago and made them available for inspection.

The Reyes gloves are considered puncher's gloves. Mayweather, however, prefers the Grant model because they have more padding around the knuckles, where Mayweather has had problems in the past.

"I just want to make sure of the weight and that the gloves are fair," Roach said of his insistence for an inspection. "I want to know what they're made of."

Taking questions from reporters, Mayweather's father and trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr., dismissed the opposing camp's concerns, saying, "The gloves are really not an issue."

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