Jay Cutler speaks to near-empty room after Chicago Bears' loss

Cutler's news conference starts earlier than usual; Bears QB leaves before most reporters arrive

Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears just can't seem to get their act together.

Following the Bears' 31-15 loss to the New Orleans Saints on Monday night, the  quarterback's postgame news conference was attended by just a few reporters due to what the Chicago Tribune reported was a miscommunication between the team and the media.

According to the Tribune, Cutler normally takes the podium after Marc Trestman, but Monday night he did so before his coach, when most members of the media were still in the locker room interviewing other players.

When a public relations official let reporters know that Cutler already was holding his news conference, more than a dozen of them jogged toward the press area, which the Tribune says is about 200 feet away.

Surely they wanted to hear what the embattled Bears starter had to say after another disappointing performance, during which he completed 17 of 31 passes for 194 yards and a season-low 55.8 rating.

But back at the podium, Cutler already had answered three questions, all from ESPN.com’s Mike Sando. Then there was an awkward silence. Cutler broke it by saying, "OK," then appealed to a guy named Jim offstage.

Someone, presumably Jim, informed Cutler that the media was one its way, to which the QB replied, "We're gonna wait for them?"

Cutler answered his own question a second or two later when he got up and left, leaving the rest of the reporters to find a vacant podium upon their arrival.

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