Johnny Manziel resurfaces on Twitter by retweeting an old post by Charlie Sheen

Troubled quarterback Johnny Manziel took to Twitter early Tuesday morning for the first time since the NFL's regular season ended to retweet an inspirational message he received more than two weeks ago from Charlie Sheen.

Yes, Charlie Sheen, who at several points in his career could have been referred to as a troubled actor.

"@JManziel2 it's time 2 refocus all of your energy on health & Football! it's never 2 late 2 get a fresh start!" Sheen's tweet read.

Manziel's two years in the NFL have been tumultuous to say the least. And he's going through a particularly tough time right now — he's being investigated for an alleged domestic assault against his ex-girlfriend, his agent dropped him and he's about to get cut by the Cleveland Browns.

Apparently the former Heisman Trophy winner is feeling ready for a fresh start. Why he decided to use Sheen's words rather than his own to announce it to the world is anyone's guess.

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