Watch notorious junior hockey heckler defend himself on local news

Don't mess with Corey Simms.

The die-hard fan of the St. John's Caps junior hockey team in Newfoundland may not try to rip your head off and clean the ice with it -- "I'm not a terrorist," he says.


But he just might get you with a zinger involving knitting and tiddlywinks.

"If the hockey moms can't handle me yelling and heckling at the rinks, I think they should stick to crosswords and knitting," the notorious heckler said on a local newscast, sounding an awful lot like the comic book guy on "The Simpsons."

"And if the young boys -- young men, I should say -- can't handle a bit of heckling at the rink, they should stick to tiddlywinks and Playstation."

The players in the Caps' league are said to be from 18 to 22 years old and should be able to handle whatever kind of ribbing Simms dishes out. But several opposing teams feel he has gotten out of hand and have gotten him banned from their home rinks.

One team, the Conception Bay Junior Renegades, actually forfeited a game just so they wouldn't have to deal with Simms.

"He's screaming and yelling at the players, he's yelling at the parents," Renegades executive Kevin Tobin said of Simms. "There was a player injured and was taken off the ice and [Simms] was standing near the boards, blocking the path of taking the player to the dressing room."

Simms denied the blocking accusation, as well as another one saying he told a woman he would "rip her head off and clean the ice with it."

"I'm not a terrorist," he said. "That's like ISIS stuff. They use knives."

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