Little League Coach Dave Belisle says inspiring speech came from heart

Little League Coach Dave Belisle was the talk of the Internet on Tuesday after his inspiring speech to his Rhode Island team after they were eliminated from the Little League World Series.

Belisle went on the "Today" show on Wednesday to talk about the speech.

"It came spontaneously,'' Belisle said. "It was our last game of the year, and I certainly wanted the boys to leave that field as proud as could be. When I was doing that speech, I didn't know it was miked. 

"It came out of my heart. I wanted them to know that that scoreboard said 8-7, but actually it was a victory. I just wanted to make sure that when they left this field, they were very proud and everybody was proud of them back home. They made my summer a summer that I will always remember. That's what basically came out."

You can watch the entire postgame speech above. Have a box of tissue nearby.


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