Manny Pacquiao sends Floyd Mayweather Jr. another holiday-themed tweet

Pacquiao pushes for a Mayweather fight in 2015 with holiday-themed tweets

Manny Pacquiao really, really seems to want to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. and seems to be banking on his rival's holiday spirit to help make such a mega-event happen.

The Filipino boxer/congressman sent out this tweet to Mayweather on Wednesday:

"The ball will drop at midnight to usher in 2015. @FloydMayweather let's not drop the ball on fighting each other next year! #LetsMakeFistory"

That came on the heels of this Dec. 16 tweet, in which Pacquiao urged Mayweather not to be a Scrooge during the Christmas season:

"@FloydMayweather, don't be a boxing humbug. Let's give the fans the fight they want. They have waited long enough."

Of course, these two have been going back and forth about this for years now, squabbling over things like money splits and drug testing, but the fight to end all fights has yet to materialize.

At this point, though, both fighters have gone on record saying they want to make it happen.

But just in case nothing happens as 2015 starts to unfold, Pacquiao needs to stick with the holiday-themed tweets.

You know, he could tell Mayweather not to break the fans' hearts on Valentine's Day ... or threaten to kick Mayweather's ash at the beginning of Lent ... or say how egg-cited he'd be if they'd fight on Easter ... or say he won't leaf Mayweather alone till he agrees to fight on Arbor Day.

If those don't work, nothing will.

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