Pac-12, Big Ten commissioners discuss changes coming to college sports

It is estimated that in five years Pac-12 schools will receive over $30 million a year in broadcast revenue

Those of you fortunate to get the Pac-12 Network at home may be interested in watching a round-table discussion Friday night with commissioners Larry Scott of the Pac-12 and Jim Delany of the Big Ten.

Scott and Delany are two of the most powerful leaders in collegiate sports and are at the forefront of the sweeping reforms that are coming to intercollegiate athletics.

Scott says in the taped discussion, which airs at 10 p.m. PDT on the "Pac-12 Presents: Inside College Football" program that there "is a lot of carping going on out there," about the state of intercollegiate athletics.

Scott and Delany also discuss the proposed "full cost of attendance" stipend that will be voted on later this summer by the NCAA Board of Directors.

The rule, which is expected to pass, will allow schools to pay student-athletes an annual stipend above the school's actual cost of attendance.

"I think there's a lot of momentum for change," Delany says.

Pac-12 and Big Ten bank accounts have been padded thanks to huge broadcast network deals, generated primarily by football.

It is estimated that in five years Pac-12 schools will annually receive in excess of $30 million just in broadcast revenue.

"That revenue is being used," Scott said.

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