Seattle Seahawks fan obituary: Super Bowl play call killed him

Obituary for Seahawks fan blames man's death on Seattle's Super Bowl loss to Patriots

Talk about piling on. 

The Seahawks' last-minute loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX not only broke the hearts of Seattle fans, one family says it stopped the heart of their loved one. 

In an obituary  printed Thursday in the Spokesman-Review, the family of Michael Sven Vedvik wrote that the 53-year-old died in his Washington state home of a heart attack hours after the game. The last line of the obit does not mince words: "We blame the Seahawks' lousy play call for Mike’s untimely demise." 

Seattle lost, 28-24, when the Patriots intercepted a pass at the goal line. The Seahawks, especially Coach Pete Carroll, were heavily criticized for not giving the ball to star running back Marshawn Lynch, who had just gained four yards on first down. 

As it turns out, the obituary, while real, was also a bit of fun. 

Stephanie Vedvik told the Spokesman-Review that, yes, her husband did die of a heart attack hours after the game, but he had taped the game and not seen it yet at the time of his death. 

Stephanie told the paper Vedvik's brother-in-law added the last line in the obit, which she approved. 

“My husband would have thought it was hysterical,” she said. “If I had read this obituary to my husband about somebody else, he would have had a laugh.”

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