Marshawn Lynch could be fined for wearing 'Beast Mode' hat

Marshawn Lynch could be fined for wearing a hat not approved by NFL during Super Bowl Media Day

After grudgingly making an effort -- 29 times -- not to be fined by the NFL, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch may still not escape punishment from the league.

During Tuesday's Super Bowl Media Day in Glendale, Ariz., Lynch, who has been fined numerous times over the course of his career for refusing to speak to reporters, made an obligatory appearance but answered each question with some variation of "I'm here so I won't get fined."

However, while conducting that stunt, he was wearing a hat from his "Beast Mode" clothing line -- a fashion statement that doesn't mesh with the NFL's strict branding and sponsorship policies at league events.

According to the league's website, Lynch's hat could result in a fine from the NFL. The league said it is looking into the possibility of a fine but won't make a decision until after the Super Bowl. Lynch was spotted wearing the same branded hat during Wednesday's media availability.

ESPN first reported the possibility of a fine for Lynch.

It's unclear whether anyone from the NFL specifically told Lynch not to wear the hat. Also, the hat is made by New Era, which is an official hat supplier for the league. However, the hat did not feature team logos or anything on it officially associated with the NFL.

Before the NFC championship game, the league reportedly threatened Lynch with ejection from the game if he followed through on a plan to wear gold-colored cleats.

Lynch wouldn't be the first player to have his pocketbook raided during Super Bowl week. The NFL fined former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher $100,000 for wearing a Vitamin Water hat in 2007.


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